The Deceivers–2 John 1:7

Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. –2 John 1:7

I’ve been working in my office at school today. The drive is thirty minutes each way, but I find it useful to invest time and burn gas for the change of location, especially on a Friday, especially on this Friday.

At 10:00 am at my house, the united sewers of Raytown descended on Lakeshore Drive, ready to stitch and measure and cut, not necessarily in that order. In their wake, they broad, I’m fairly certain, ninety-seven children. The kids would have sprawled across the entire house. There would be weeping and (probably) gnashing of teeth. I’d never get a thing done. Of course I could head out to Borders and look at books that I need not buy or Lowe’s to peruse tools I’m not ready to buy. Before long, my day would be gone.

There are, naturally, time vampires here at school as well. From time to time somebody pokes a head in the door and talks or I poke my head in a door and talk. However, it is Friday, which, in the summer, means that people are few and scattered. The phone has not rung. The email inbox is empty. Soon I’ll go home, there to be confronted with work to do and problems to sort out. Emily wants me to teach her how to change oil.

What are the deceivers? Not these things. These are simply the things that pull my mind away from Christ, away from God’s will for my day. There are deceivers in this place, but the worst of them, the most insidious, are those that find room to function within me. When some part of me does not trust in Christ’s redemption, then am I not a deceiver? A self-deceiver, perhaps, but a deceiver nonetheless. When I believe I must work to effect my salvation, that is deception.

It’s fairly easy to identify and avoid the obvious deceivers, the atheist writers and pundits who litter our media. What’s not so easy is to find their traces within ourselves. But remember, you are no less deceived when the folly comes from within.