A Reminder–Jude 1:5

Though you already know all this, I want to remind you that the Lord delivered his people out of Egypt, but later destroyed those who did not believe. –Jude 1:5

On my drive into school this morning, I passed by a light-up sign, the sort that the highway department uses to announce exit closures and accidents. This morning, the sign read, “You drink. You drive. You lose.” That’s straight-forward.

A number of years ago, I allowed my driver’s license to expire and had to re-take the written test. How annoying. Among the many important questions I answered were ones regarding the limits and penalties for drunk driving. They don’t make you know the penalty for running a red light, but apparently they think it important that you memorize the particulars for drunk driving. As a long-time tee-totaler, I thought I might be able to opt out of those questions, but the humorless test administrator didn’t see it that way.

Who doesn’t know that driving while intoxicated is wrong, stupid, illegal, and detrimental to your future? Nobody. Still, people apparently drink and drive all the time.

What believer in Christ doesn’t know that there are consequences for sin? We’ve all seen bad things follow our bad behavior, so why do we need to be reminded? Still, we do seem to need reminding.

Jude is pretty blunt here. God pulled all of Israel out of Egypt, but he destroyed those who didn’t believe. If I understand that correctly, he’s suggesting that everyone with us in the church is not necessarily with us in spirit. Those people will be destroyed in due time. Let’s be sure not to be a part of that group.