A Distant Crown (Hebrews 2:7-8)

You made them a little lower than the angels;
you crowned them with glory and honor
and put everything under their feet.” (Hebrews 2:7-8)

Today cannot go down as one of the most efficient uses of time in my life. Penny, Olivia, and I rose at 5:30 and headed south as quickly we could. After passing cross country to Harrisonville, we started down U.S. 71, bound for beautiful Anderson, Missouri, home of… well, pretty much nothing. However, Olivia’s friend/boyfriend/suitor/whatever lives a few miles outside of Anderson.

The Teglands occupy a house that, to the best of their discernment, used to be a two-story affair. Apparently, after a fire on the second floor, the previous owners determined not to rebuild but to chop off the charred remnants and put a new roof on their newly one-story house. There’s nothing fancy about this house. It’s clean and relatively close for four people, but it’s certainly not the sort of thing you could build in one of the swankier subdivisions around Kansas City.

Mr. Tegland is a truck driver, carrying snack cakes around the nation, while his wife homeschools their two children. Like many rural folk, their home is a work in progress with evidence of projects yet to be scattered around the house.

It is these people who have been crowned with glory and honor. It is me who has been crowned with glory and honor. Forget Donald Trump or Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet. They’ve grabbed for crowns themselves. They have their reward. But those of us, imperfect and awkward, who make an effort to follow the Lord have been crowned.

You can’t see my crown or those of my family. You can’t see the ones on the Teglands either. You can’t see them today, but they’re present nonetheless. My guess is that you have such a crown as well. At times you, like me, allow it to be battered and stained, but it’ll shine up nicely. There’s royalty just outside Anderson, Missouri. That’s worth the drive.