Stand up for Jesus (and yourself)

The people in my choir almost uniformly groan when the director asks them to stand up to sing a piece in rehearsal. “It’s too much trouble,” we seem to say.

At the risk of sounding boastful, I’ll claim that I never groan about standing. Normally I’m frustrated to be singing “Stand up, stand up for Jesus” with my keister firmly planted in the chair. Besides, I know that the 210 calories that I’ll burn during a 90-minute choir rehearsal would jump to about 270 if I were standing.


A recent news item reports a study performed at the Medical College of Wisconsin suggesting that every daily hour a person spends sitting increases their chances of developing heart disease by 14%. The skeptic in me wonders if those who have an 8-hour-a-day sitting job have a 112% chance of developing heart disease.

The participants all spent between two to 12 hours a day sitting at the office and in front of the television. The researchers concluded that for every hour spent sitting, the levels of deposit rose by 14 per cent.

It’s a wonder that those 12-hour sitters aren’t already dead. I’m not sure if this report reveals poor science or poor journalism–the latter, I would hope–but the basic idea makes sense. Far too many of us roll out of bed in the morning and then sit in the car (or on public transport) en route to a job where we mostly sit at a computer before heading back home to sit on a different computer or in front of the TV when we’re not sitting on the couch or at the table stuffing our faces with unhealthy food.

While the math of this report might not make a lot of sense, the basic idea is sound not just physiologically but spiritually. Do you serve God best while sitting down? Do you build up and preserve your body on the couch? Do you make the most of what you have been given from a perch in the La-Z Boy?

Stand up for Jesus, people. Stand up.