Another Exercise Excuse Squashed

DumbbellDo you need to spend as much time as Hans and Franz in the gym in order to experience good outcomes–specifically weight loss? Absolutely not. How do I know this? That greatest of all sources, said so!

This article shares some common sense facts for the person who thinks that since they cannot spend eight hours a week pumping iron or spinning bike pedals or somesuch, then they might as well stay on the couch and accept their flabby sentence.

The article also pointed out something that I’ve let slide from my own routine: the value of strength training.

While cardio may not yield the highest ROI [return on investment] when it comes to exercising for weight loss, strength training is the opposite. Strength training allows you to add additional lean body mass, which burns calories at rest.

I don’t want to look like Hans and Franz, but I’m pretty sure that a few sets with weights each week will make a difference in several areas of my life.