Egg-stra Healthy Eggs

Buff Orpington Hen--not one of oursAn article from the ever-helpful O Magazine, looks into the terms on egg packages, evaluating them for actual benefits. In this round-up, we discover that brown eggs are not inherently more beneficial than white ones. No real news there. What do they have to say about organic eggs? Are they “egg-stra healthy”?

Maybe. With these eggs, it’s possible you’ll minimize your potential exposure to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that may be used in conventional chicken feed, says Michael K. Hansen, PhD, senior staff scientist at Consumers Union.

I’m not sure I want to pay a premium for a “Maybe.” What we learn here is that what goes into a food strongly influences what it will do for our bodies. Unfortunately, most of the time we eat eggs without the slightest notion of what the hens ate, where they lived, or how they pursued their life goals. (Just checking to see if you are awake.)

Ideally, we could all raise our own eggs. That’s one thing that I miss from living in the country.