Is This Really Women’s Health

Eyes CoveredI recently added Women’s Health magazine to my RSS feeds that I review to find materials for this blog. (What? You thought I just came up with this stuff out of thin air?) While I immediately spotted a couple of articles that had good potential, I was bothered by something.

Over in the right-hand column, Women’s Health places a number of links to other articles, complete with little thumbnail photos. In a recent column of ten such links, I found four that were downright uncomfortable for their sexual content and a fifth that I knew would be (and was) if I read the article. A sixth link made me squirm for the anatomy it discussed, but I reminded myself this is Women’s Health.

So here’s my question. Is the health of women really this centered around sexual practice or is this just a way of selling magazines and provoking page views (and thus ad views)? Do women (or easy-blushing male bloggers) really need to have sex thrust in their faces this often while reading about groceries or yoga?

Of course, male-oriented magazines are probably no better, although I haven’t done a statistical analysis there. Either way, I’ll probably be linking some to Women’s Health, so be careful when casting your eyes down the right column.