Revenge of the Ghost-Pepper Chili

Stomach painDo you ever think about digestion? I think about it fairly often, usually when the process isn’t operating smoothly. A few months ago, I ate a bowl of a friend’s ghost-pepper chili. This stuff was marvelously hot and flavorful but wound up being a gift that kept on giving. Well into the wee hours of the morning, I felt the fire moving through my innards. I’ve never had spicy food hit me that hard before.

If you don’t want to listen to more of my tales from the gastro-intestinal tract, you could browse over to an intriguing post at Lifehacker, “Six Myths about Digestion.” Before reading it, I couldn’t think of a single item that could qualify as a myth about digestion. Read that piece and you’ll get great information like that.

If poop is gross, it’s tempting to think that even the poop still inside our body is gross, too. The idea of cleaning out our colon (aka large intestine) has roots in the 19th century theory of “autointoxication”. Doctors of the time believed that feces would rot inside your body, producing toxins that seeped into your blood and poisoned you. The treatment: enemas to flush out the poop and, in drastic cases, surgical removal of the colon.

That’s more about colons and their contents than I would admit wanting, but I did decide to share it with you. You can thank me now or later.