Run, Forrest, Run!

dreambigNehemiah 6:15-16

Determined to follow God’s destiny for our lives.

Forrest Gump, after he had experienced a lifetime worth of amazing events in just a few years, memorably sat at his mother’s side and asked, “Momma, what’s my destiny?”

His mother, Sally Field, looked at him and told him that he would have to figure that out for himself.

Do you ever wonder about your own destiny? I do. I’ve been known to ask myself all manner of silly what-if questions, worried that I had somehow missed out on my destiny. If Dr. Lamb had hired me for the administration job, would I have been following my destiny? If I had completed my application to teach at Wheaton College?

As my life has progressed, I have realized that, so long as I am faithful to God, He clears the way for my destiny. He finds me the opportunities that I need to have. He opens the doors that I need opened. And when I walk through the appropriate doors, good things happen.

Sometimes, like Forrest Gump, we can’t see our destiny for our nearness to it. Sometimes we don’t recognize the guidance and assistance that God provides.

Destiny, I suppose, is most easily seen in the rear-view mirror, but if we follow God, we’ll find it.

  • What aspirations and goals have you set for yourself that later seemed clearly not to be your destiny?
  • How has God helped you to better understand the plans and goals He has in mind for you?
  • Do you pray constantly and diligently, asking God to reveal in clearer detail His plans for your life?