Fight or Flight

dreambigNehemiah 4:13-14

Determined to Fight

A number of years ago, my son-in-law found himself involved in the breakup of a business collaboration. My brother had already advised him that his first mistake was taking on partners, but he knew better. One night, while the cat was away, the mice–that is the partners–came with a U-Haul and loaded up all of the business equipment. Suddenly, the partnership had been dissolved leaving the person closest to me without an income.

As a good father-in-law, I resolved to go into battle on his behalf. We sat through a mediation session. We talked with a lawyer. All the while, I found myself gearing up for war. But somewhere along the way, my son-in-law said, “Let’s just let it go.”

He was not determined to fight, and, at least in this case, he was making the choice. Some people are far too ready to fight. Some people are too eager to surrender. There is merit in both actions.

When Nehemiah determined not to be bullied by Sanballat and company, he was determined to fight if the situation came to that. He understood that if he fought, he would be fighting for God’s dream and under God’s direction.

Fighting sometimes leads to defeat, injury, and even death. We have guarantee that God will make us victorious when we fight in His service. But I would rather suffer loss fighting for God than avoid loss by surrendering His battle.

  • Are you more given to fight or to surrender? How can you determine the right times for each impulse?
  • What is a situation in your life right now that is worth fighting to win? Can you name one that is not worthy?
  • Is your communication with “headquarters”–your spiritual disciplines–sufficient to be confident that you are following God’s orders?