Show Me the Wisdom

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Proverbs 2:1-2

Understand how to obtain wisdom.

My first job out of college was as a District Executive for the Boy Scouts. While that title sounds marginally impressive, it basically meant that I had to go to lots of meetings and deal with the three M’s of Scouting: Membership, Manpower, and Money.

Money, not surprisingly, was often the hardest of the three. While we could find kids who wanted to be members of Cub Scout Packs and parents who were willing to help lead them, shaking loose cash was tougher–tougher than doing it in church.

I remember a trainer who gave us his simple, two-step model for raising money:

  1. Find out who has the money.
  2. Ask them for some of it.

We laughed at that system at first, but then we realized it was amazing. How else would you raise money?

How do we obtain wisdom? The system should be very similar.

Find out who has the wisdom. That would be God. The world is full of people who profess to have wisdom, but God’s wisdom far exceeds that of the world.

Ask Him for it. It won’t suffice for God to just possess the wisdom if we don’t transfer it to ourselves. We do that by listening to God’s voice, by praying and asking for wisdom on particular matters and in general, by reading the scripture to glean wisdom there, and then by applying what we learn to our lives.

Wisdom is not in short supply. God has enough for all of us, but we can’t benefit unless we obtain it and use it.

  • What worldly sources of wisdom do you tend to trust? Do you ever trust them more than God?
  • When was the last time that you obtained wisdom from God about some specific matter? How did it happen?
  • Will you resolve to regularly read the wisdom of the Bible and pray that God will help you understand and apply it to your life?