Wait for Further Instructions

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Proverbs 18:13

Gather all the inputs for godly decisions.

A number of years ago, I sat on a hiring committee at my school. Whenever we do that, we sift through dozens of applications, weeding out the really terrible ones and then attempting to determine which of the strongest deserve to come to campus for an interview. On this particular time, we decided to bring “Laura,” who looked great on paper, for an interview.

When I first met “Laura,” her incredibly weak first impression left me thinking that we had totally blundered in bringing her in. I spent the first few minutes of her interview time, silently ranking the other, more likely candidates in my head. But as “Laura” dove into her teaching demonstration, I found myself captured. She taught in a way totally unlike me, but it was marvelous. In the ensuing question period, the depth of her answers was remarkable.

In the space of 90 minutes, “Laura” went from “don’t bother” to the top of my list of candidates. We wound up hiring her and being treated to a tremendous teacher and colleague for several years before she moved on.

Wouldn’t it have been a shame had we based our decision on that unfortunate first impression? Isn’t it even more of a shame when we fail to ask and obtain from God all of the wisdom He has to offer on our decisions. What if Paul had stuck with his first thoughts on Jesus? What if Moses had not listened to all that the God had to say at the burning bush?

Our calling is not to make snap judgments but to listen and to keep listening.

  • On what sort of decisions are you apt to make uninformed decisions? Are there others for which you tend to wait for God’s counsel?
  • What negative results have you seen by not waiting for God’s wisdom? Do you have positive examples that have come by waiting?
  • What results can you expect from prayerfully reading through the Proverbs on a regular basis? Have you already experienced insight?