A Billion Dollars Short?

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Matthew 6:33

Make the best decision for God’s Kingdom.

Around twenty years ago, near the Sea of Galilee, God spoke to me. He said, clearly if not audibly, “I gave you a gift; why aren’t you using it?” I understood that gift to be my writing. Since that day, I’ve used my gift in a number of different manners, experiencing a number of different levels of success.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling has made over a $1 billion from her Harry Potter books? How much have I made from my efforts? Honestly, I’m not sure, but it’s certainly less than $100,000 over those twenty years. Where’s the justice in that? I’d settle for $100 million!

I won’t begrudge Rowling or Stephen King or John Grisham or any of those royalties-producing writers their millions. And I’m not about to suggest that I could have done better than Twilight or The Hunger Games had I not been writing children’s Bible study materials, but I do believe that I’ve made the choices God had in mind for me, the best choices for the Kingdom.

Our decisions should never be measured by the wisdom of this world. They shouldn’t be evaluated by fame or fortune. Instead, we should carefully try to make the best choice for God’s Kingdom. Doing that, we’ll achieve far more than a billion dollars of royalties could ever buy.

  • Do you measure your decisions by their impact on the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of you?
  • What decisions do you find it hardest to yield to your efforts to seek the Kingdom?
  • What decisions can you pray over this week to seek the best course that God has to offer?