Standing before Kings–or Deans

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Proverbs 22:29

Understand that the cure for laziness is NOT worse than the disease.

A couple of weeks ago, my dean–that’s academic-speak for my boss–came to observe my class. There was a day when that event would have made me nervous. In those times, I would have invited him to come on a day when I knew the lesson plan would be especially excellent. Then I would fuss over it beforehand to be sure that every little detail was perfect.

These days, with nearly 30 years of teaching under my belt, I just told the dean to pick a day. He came in and watched my class. Although I was very much aware of his presence, I can’t say that it changed my behavior. If only all of my life were that well ordered.

It’s amazing how, when we do what we’re supposed to do, things usually turn out for the best. When I do my normal, appropriate level of preparation for class, I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the boss. When I pay my bills or change my oil or eat a healthy diet or do anything else that my laziness might tempt me not to do, and good things happen.

At its heart, I think, laziness is a matter of weak faith. When I give in to laziness, I’m essentially saying that I do not trust that God has control of my life. I’m not trusting Him to reward me; thus, I have to reward myself.

Name some examples when hard work and self-discipline have paid off for you. Can you name some opposite examples?

In what ways do your choices contribute to the big picture God has prescribed for your life? In what ways are you demonstrating a lack of trust in that picture?

What area of your life needs your most urgent prayer attention to defeat any stronghold of laziness?