Bigger than the Newsboys

Psalm 145:2

Praise God for what He is.

Last week, the Newsboys visited our church, playing a sold-out concert on Thursday evening. Because I didn’t have the sense to say “no,” I wound up volunteering for the show and spend a couple of hours in close proximity to the band, first for a photo session and then in an autograph session. Literally hundreds of people, many of whom had paid a premium ticket price just to get this opportunity, waited in a line to have their moment of exposure to the guys who put “God’s Not Dead” on the radio.

There are better musicians in this world–probably in this city–than those four guys, but there’s something about them that draws a crowd. Is it the skill, the songs, the aging good looks? I’m not sure, but there is certainly something.

Maybe you’re not bowled over by musicians, but you likely have somebody who, just because of who they are, renders you a bit tongue-tied. I hate to admit it, but I think that if I found myself in a room with Salvador Perez, I’d have a tough time sounding normal.

But do we get as excited about who God is, about what He is? Do we spend time focused on the amazingness of the God who created the entire universe, who planned for DNA and photosynthesis and nuclear fusion and everything else that makes life what it is? Do we? Do you?

  • How much time do you spend focused on the great qualities of God?
  • Which of those great qualities means something special to you today?
  • Can you spend some time in prayer today, not thanking or asking, but simply praising God for who He is?