Want what enough?

Joel 3:10

Speak well of yourself.

“You can accomplish anything if you just want it badly enough.” Have you heard that before? Is it true? I recall, years ago when I worked for the Boy Scouts, hearing a colleague at a training event declare that he wanted badly to be the Chief Scout Executive, the absolute top dog in the BSA. “If I want it badly enough,” he smiled. “Then I can make it happen.”

It hasn’t happened yet.

So where did this guy go wrong? Did he just not want it badly enough? Did he not want it badly enough for long enough? Did he not speak enough positive affirmations into his mirror each day? Or was there something mistaken in his premise?

This last weekend, the field in the NCAA basketball tournament narrowed from 16 to 4. Did those 12 teams who lost just not want it it enough–or might talent and luck and coaching have come into the mix somehow? I have to believe that every player on every team wanted it. I think they believed they could win. They told themselves in the locker room they could win. But they couldn’t all win.

Words are not magic. Notice that Joel does not say, “Let the peasant say, ‘I am king.'” That’s not the point. The point is not to exalt ourselves through our words but to take advantage of the power that God offers through our words.

How much talent and power do we leave on the table when we do not claim the strength of God among our assets. Let the weak say, I am strong. Not the strongest, but strong. That’s plenty when it’s God’s strength.

  • In what areas of your life do you doubt yourself?
  • What areas of weakness could you strengthen by tapping into and claiming God’s strength?
  • Thank God for revealing His strength in your life, even if you haven’t yet seen it.

One thought on “Want what enough?

  1. Amen. Thank You. This was very helpful and encouraging to me, because that’s exactly what I am doing. But, I’ve noticed lately, that a lot of my brethren do not believe this, nor live it. And, many pastors, teachers, and leaders are causing confusing by using their words, and not God’s.
    But, I am praying for them, and hoping through prayer and fasting, that the church will be changed, by the renewing of their minds..
    Afterall, Christ is coming back for a glorious church, and I wan’t us to be ready (faithful).


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