Using God’s Keychain

Mark 11:22

Make Your Faith Like God’s Faith

Somebody who knows Greek better than me–which would be knowing it at all if I’m honest–explained that when Jesus said, “Have faith in God,” that could more accurately be translated, “Have a God-like type of faith.”

I have to admit that it struck me as odd to consider God having faith. What would God have faith in? God is supposed to be the object of our faith. Faith in anything else would seem rather pointless. Or maybe not.

This morning, in the two hours I have been awake, I have demonstrated faith–a sort of expectant dependance–in a number of things: my alarm, the water in the sink, the lights, my car, my driving ability, the key in my office lock, this computer.

You’ve probably trusted each of those things in the past as well. How do you know you trusted or had faith in them? You were surprised when they failed. Have you ever put a key in a lock and been confused when it wouldn’t turn?

God doesn’t have those moments of confusion, because God doesn’t pick the  wrong key. He could turn the wrong key into the right one. We don’t have that level of control, but we can exercise God-like faith when we recognize that all of the power of the One who designed and created the universe is at our disposal–all for the price of a tiny speck of faith.

  • Do you trust in the power of God as much as you trust in the power of the physical things in your life?
  • Do you actions and choices suggest that you actually trust things more than God?
  • Pray this week that God will help you develop God-like faith as you strive to follow His will.