Change or Exchange

Exodus 6:6-7

Jesus came to show us the true purpose of our lives.

After church Sunday, Penny and I came home before engaging in the fabulous adventure of taking our grandkids thrift-store shopping. Both of us decided to change our clothes before the expedition.

For me, the process was simple. I had on my Kid City t-shirt topped the a warmup jacket that I left open. Slipping out of the jacket, I pulled on a short-sleeve button-up shirt.

Penny, on the other hand, shed all of the outer clothes she had on and went with an entirely new set. Even her shoes were changed out.

In reality, I changed my clothes; Penny exchanged hers. My change was fairly minor, but hers was very thorough. When it comes to clothing, I don’t know that one is in any way better than the other, but when it comes to our life in Christ, there is a difference.

Jesus did not offer us a changed life. He offered an exchanged life. A changed life would be one in which we agree to stop cussing or start attending church in response to the fulfillment of the promises Jesus made at that last Passover with his disciples. Essentially, those changes, even when they’re good things, are the equivalent of accessorizing our lives. They’re window dressing.

The huge and effective sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf calls not for some change. It calls for a wholesale substitution: our will replaced by His.

  • What elements of your life changed when you came to know Christ?
  • Are there parts of your “old wardrobe” that you need to swap out?
  • Will you pray earnestly that Jesus will continue to exchange your desires and priorities for His?