Let’s Die with Him

John 11:16

Rethink your doubts.

At the end of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the two main characters, cornered and wounded by a far superior force, burst out of a place of temporary safety, determined to go out in a blaze of bravado. The picture freezes with the pair, each holding a pair of revolvers, desperately rushing against impossible odds. The sound continues as we hear a Bolivian commander shout “fuego!” and the sound of a volley of rifle shots. We don’t have to see the result to understand.

These against-all-odds moments of defiance are a set piece in action films. “I may go down,” the heroes seem to say. “But at least I’ll go down fighting!” That’s the sort of feeling I get from Thomas in the verse quoted here. “We have to die sometime,” he suggests. “So we might as well go die with Jesus now.”

This sort of brave resignation–“It’s a good day to die!”–makes for good movies, but there’s a faulty theology behind it. Thomas, you see, was right, but he didn’t know it.

Following Jesus, over the centuries, has been a splendidly dangerous occupation. Thousands of followers have been martyred in all corners of the world. We might forget this, since persecution in America is, at least currently, fairly trivial.

But we do have to die sometime. If we’re going to die, then we might as well die with Jesus. What better way to go out? I have no confidence that Jesus will deliver me from every scrape possible in the flesh, but my confidence in Him goes far beyond the flesh.

Let’s ditch our doubts and resolve, if need be, to go and die with Him.

  • What form do your spiritual doubts take?
  • When you examine your life, do the choices you make reveal any further doubts, further places where you don’t rely on God?
  • Will you pray each day this week that God will build on the belief in you to help you with your unbelief?