Staying (Permanently) Hydrated

John 4:13-14

Maintain Relationship #1.

Not all relationships are created equal. As I write this, I’m in my office at school, a room that I’ve occupied for more than twenty years. Just recently, I’ve learned that my two best friends on this hall will most likely be moving elsewhere on campus in the near future. That bothers a bit, but I have other relationships that are more important. For example, if the college were to decide to move away from me–or move me away from them–then I’d be very troubled. No matter how happy I am with my employment, I wouldn’t be very settled if I had serious problems with family relationships. And family relationships I can manage so long as my primary human relationship, with my wife, remains healthy.

At Jacob’s well, Jesus tried to teach a woman who had given great effort to establishing a human relationship. That woman had been married five times and now lived with man number six (at least). The reality that Jesus tried to convey through his water metaphor was that human connection and worldly concerns will provide, at best, temporary salves to our hurts and needs. But when we drink from the living water, when we establish that relationship with Jesus, then we never thirst again.

Human relationships are hard, but they can be immensely less hard if we keep our relationship with Christ in good order.

  • What is the hierarchy of your relationships? Do you put anything above God? What comes next? Are they in the right order?
  • What maintenance does your relationship with God, through Jesus, need? Are you willing to put in the work to make those repairs?
  • Bring the needs of your relationship with God to Him in prayer each day this week. Make sure that two of you are talking meaningfully and regularly.