Words Typed in Anger

James 1:19-20

Love is not easily provoked.

What does it take to make you angry? In most cases, I’m pretty unflappable. I rarely “fly off the handle,” “blow my top,” or “lose control” That’s a really good thing, because in those rare occasions when I do allow my feelings to bubble over into anger, I wind up with at best an embarrassing moment and at worst a true mess.

Quite some time ago, a dedicated part-time teacher at my school became angry over something that the administration had done. I don’t recall what it was. My guess is that he doesn’t recall what it was, but at the time it was so important to him that he typed up an email that he fired off for the viewing pleasure of a wide swath of the school.

The results were predictable. Nothing happened. Nobody shot back an impassioned defense of whatever it was that set the guy off. He didn’t get fired. To the best of my knowledge nobody called him into an office for a stern talking-to.

But then a year or so later, when this fellow applied for a full-time position, nothing happened again. He didn’t get an interview, so he obviously didn’t get the job. The same results came along a year later. His service should have at least gotten him onto a short list, but it never happened.

Was he right? Maybe, but that’s not the point. Love, even for our employers, demands that we take a deep breath and avoid lashing out in anger.

  • Do you have a long or short fuse? What sort of things are most likely to set your anger off?
  • Have you ever reacted in anger toward someone you claim to love–family, close friends, etc.? What sort of results flowed from that mistake?
  • Pray that God will help you to control your temptation to being provoked to anger.