The Trouble with Marriage

1 Corinthians 7:28

Face troubles with company.

It was easy for Paul, the unmarried former Pharisee, to say that “those who marry will face many troubles in this life.” All you have to do today is look around and you’ll see that the only married couples who do not face worldly troubles are the ones who are lying next to each other in the cemetery. For the rest of us, marriage produces problems.

Of course, life itself produces troubles, Don’t take my word for it. Jesus said it in John 16:33. Even the Buddhists know this. The first of their “Four Noble Truths” is that life is full of suffering. So if that’s true, why does Paul point to married life as a location of problems?

In my married life, I not only face my own troubles, my own suffering, but that of my wife as well. In fact, there are troubles that arise just from marriage itself, that neither would have faced had we stayed single.

Why then, would sensible people marry, knowing that the troubles will be increased? I think that as far back as the Garden–even before there were troubles–God knew that people were better together. Sure, marriage increases trouble. Sure, Eve seems to have instigated the whole fruit-eating thing, but Adam would have eaten it by himself eventually.

If you have to live in a trouble-soaked, suffering-filled, fallen world, don’t you want to have somebody you love at your side? The answer was true for Adam and it’s true for us.

  • What sort of troubles do you find that marriage introduces into life?
  • What sort of solutions to trouble do you see marriage providing?
  • If you’re married, pray that God will help you be part of the solution rather than a source of problems. If you’re not married, pray that God will guide you into whatever relationship He has planned for you.