I Know the Plans

Jeremiah 29:11

Stay on course.

My wife and I had a long conversation recently that dealt with, among others, the verse that I’ve cited above. I can’t recall what provoked the discussion, but it boiled down to this. When God says, in this case, “I know the plans I have for you,” is He talking to you and to me or just to Jeremiah or just to Jeremiah’s people?

I know that we’d all like to claim that verse and its promise for ourselves. We all want to believe that God has big plans for us and that He knows what they are  and they’re good and all that. But when I read the entire paragraph from which that verse comes, I have to admit that it is talking to somebody who isn’t me.

Am I waiting around for 70 years to be accomplished in Babylon? Is God going to collect me from the land where I’ve been in exile? Those are the plans He’s talking about here. This precise verse speaks to Jews who have been dead for centuries. That was my position when I discussed this with Penny.

On the other hand, if God knew the plans He had for those people, wouldn’t He know the plans He has for me? Should I expect that He has crummy plans for me? Is He maybe waiting to torment me and shoot down all my hopes? I don’t think so.

We’ve been set on a course. If we follow that course, good things will happen. That’s the promise running throughout the scripture.

  • What do you believe God’s plans for you are? Are you cooperating with them?
  • What evidence do you have that God’s plans are to prosper you rather than to harm you?
  • Pray that God will reveal His plans for you and give you the endurance to follow them.