Never Say Die

Galatians  5:7

Keep your faith-tank full.

As I write this, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are duking it out in Game Two of the NBA Finals. Most of the experts figure that last year’s champions, the Warriors, will handily win the series, and in the first game, three days ago, Golden State made a pretty emphatic statement, drubbing the Cavs by 22 points.

I’m no expert on basketball, but I’ve heard that even before that first game, the Warriors were prohibitive favorites. What I know for certain is that if the Cavaliers believe that there is no point, that they can’t win, that the die is cast, then they’re going to go down.

Two years ago, when the Royals improbably won the World Series–and the year before when they even more improbably reached the Series–the experts simply knew my favorite team wouldn’t win. The thing is that nobody seemed to convince the Royals of that. They just kept winning those games that they were supposed to lose. When there was no hope, they just won. Had they decided that they had no chance, then they would have been right.

Think about the toughest case of an unsaved person you know, the person who will resist, it seems, until the bitter end. Do you believe? Do you have the faith that God can do for that hard case what He has already done for you? Have you kept your faith?

Losing faith in sports is not terribly important. In our Christian walk it is almost everything.

  • Have you lost your original faith? Do you have the sort of confidence in God’s power that you had when you were first saved?
  • In what situations is it hardest for you to maintain your faith?
  • Pray that God will show you the way to maintain your early-day faith?