Fussing with the Boss

Psalm 5:1-3

Pray like you’d talk to your best friend.

When was the last time you grew irritated with God? If you’re not comfortable with that question, then try this one on. When was the last time you grew irritated with your best friend?

I’d suggest that if you have a friend with whom you never disagree, who you never find aggravating, with whom you never argue or fuss, who doesn’t receive some harsh words now and then, then you really don’t have much of a friendship with that person.

Friendship, of course, ought to be mostly a positive thing. It wouldn’t make much sense to have someone you hated as your best friend. On the hand, though, is there anyone on this earth with whom you always agree? And if you spend a good deal of time with that person, if you really wrap your life significantly into your friend’s life, then you’re going to have some tense moments. It’s okay for friends to disagree and argue now and again.

So is it okay to disagree and argue with God? Yes, but there’s one significant difference. When you argue with God, you are, by definition, wrong. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but you’re going to wind up being wrong.

These opening verses of Psalm 5 show David as a demanding and rather gripy-sounding fellow. And that’s okay. Friends will disagree. Friends will become irritated with each other.

If you’re never arguing with God, then perhaps your friendship hasn’t reached that level of intimacy that allows such talk.

  • What do you (or should you) argue with God about?
  • Have you ever had the experience of being set straight after you begin to argue with God? How did He do it? How did it feel?
  • Resolve to pray as earnestly and openly this week as you would talk with your closest companion.