Blue-Light Special Prayer

Philippians 4:6

Pray about everything that matters to you.

A friend told me today something interesting. It seems that his son, Jacob, a fourth-grader, is filling his prayers with concerns for the fate of a once-great retailer: K-Mart.

At first, Jacob prayed for the corporation itself. When his parents explained that they probably didn’t need to pray for the company, he changed his tack and began to pray for all the people who stand to be out of work as K-Mart slowly goes out of business.

Honestly, I’m a bit humbled by Jacob’s prayers. When I saw the going-out-of-business sign on my local K-Mart, my first reaction was “It’s about time.” But this young man saw that sign and realized that the demise of a store would touch people’s lives. It troubled him, so he took the matter to God.

I’ve taught kids for many years, so I’ve heard many peculiar prayer requests. But in the end, is there such a thing as a peculiar prayer? If I’m sincerely concerned about something, the integrity of my tires, the neighbor’s peach tree, or the fate of K-Mart employees, then why shouldn’t I take that to my heavenly Father?

Too often, we can be lulled into thinking that topics are not lofty enough or important enough to merit prayer. That’s just wrong. In those cases when we do pray foolishly, God will gently correct us, just as those parents guided Jacob.

  • Is there anything that you consider inappropriate as a subject for prayer? Why?
  • What are some “trivial” things that you have felt led to include in your prayers in the past? How did those prayers work out?
  • Go through your week looking for things that you normally wouldn’t include in your prayers and discuss them with God to see where they take you.