A Two-Way Street

1 Kings 19:12

Pray by listening as well as speaking.

When I call my employer’s computer help desk, I am not calling for a stupid reason. They don’t need to ask me if the computer is plugged in or if I’m trying to read email with a spreadsheet program. By the time I call, I’ve usually done a pretty thorough job of trying to diagnose the problem and ensuring that I can’t fix it myself.

One of my greatest aggravations then is when, as I detail what the computer is doing and what steps did not solve the problem, I have some tech on the phone ask, “Are you sure you used the right password?”

“Yes!” I want to scream. “I couldn’t have done what I’ve just described without the password!” I don’t scream, but I do grow annoyed when they don’t listen. How much more quickly could they close a ticket if they listened?

Even more foolish than those occasional non-listening help desk workers am I when I pray to God and then don’t bother listening for his response. That response might come in a still small voice, a coincidentally helpful scripture reading, a friend’s random words, or something else. But if I’m not listening, then I’m wasting a great opportunity.

  • What was the last time that you experienced a response to a prayer? What form did that response take?
  • How many different ways have you experienced God replying to your prayers or those of others?
  • Dedicate yourself not just to the sending of messages through prayer but to the receiving of whatever response God has to offer.