Welcome to Economic Armageddon

Matthew 6:11

Depend on God for everything.

Several friends and I used to play Monopoly when I lived in Oxford, England. These weren’t your old-school, four-hour Monopoly endurance spectacles. We played fast and furious, everyone paying attention, moving the little thimble or iron as soon as the dice settled, and calling out the rent as quickly as possible. Player one would be settling up accounts on buying Illinois Avenue as player two was moving to the Reading Railroad. We called it Economic Armageddon.

One of the keys to keeping these games moving quickly was not getting bogged down in change-making. When the rent was $22, we’d toss $25 or $20 across the board, making mental note that this person owed or was owed a small sum. We knew that, even if we forgot them, these small amounts wouldn’t change the outcome of the game. On the other, when somebody landed on North Carolina Avenue (complete with four houses), we gleefully collected everything that was owed.

Monopoly is all about driving the other players to ruin. It’s all about getting every bit of the limited resources that exist in the game’s universe, taking them from the people around you. Sometimes we look at life as if it were a game of Monopoly, with our goal being to grab as much of the world’s limited resources as possible. That’s not what God has called us to do.

Instead of depending on our wiles and the luck of a dice roll, God wants us to depend on Him and know that He has limitless resources at his disposal. Economic Armageddon can be fun when played on a game board, but it’s pointless in real life.

  • In what areas of your life do you find it difficult to trust in God’s provision?
  • Can you name a time in which God has seemed to provide for you in a manner that defies rational explanation?
  • Pray that above all else, God will make you trust in his willingness to care for your needs.