Budge the Grudge

Matthew 6:12

Square your accounts with God and man.

Why does Jesus seem so intent on getting us to forgive each other? I thought the most important thing for Christians to do was to pray and listen to K-Love. Instead, rather than dwelling on the really important stuff, like my sins being forgiven, Jesus is muddying the waters here by telling me that I have to forgive others.

Forgive us our debts–yay!–as we forgive our debtors. Why did He have to throw that in? Then, should we decide that that whole “as we forgive” was just a meaningless addition, He tags on with verses 14 and 15, making it abundantly clear that forgiveness is not optional.

I’m typically not a grudgy sort of person, but I do have a couple of people who have–in my humble opinion–wronged me in the past.  Two of these were definitely Christians, people who should have known better than to deal with me so poorly. Why did they do it? I’m not sure.

What I am fairly sure of, several years down the road from both of these conflicts, is that I’m not really a blip on these people’s radar. Do they remember this event? Probably not. So why do I? Is it doing me any good? Does it advance God’s kingdom or make me happier? No and no.

Forgiveness is hard, but it is essential. It’s essential to be forgiven by God and it’s essential that we forgive others.

  • Who do you find it difficult to forgive from your past? Are you justified in feeling badly used by that person?
  • Does God give any indication of caring about the righteousness of your grudge?
  • Pray that God will expose the grudges that you hold and help you deal in forgiveness going forward.