Keep Calm and Grandparent On!

Matthew 6:10

Place God’s will first.

Help! I have been abandoned by my wife and invaded by grandchildren. Bo, my poodle, has wisely retreated to the safety of his kennel, leaving me to face the onslaught of these kids by myself. So far I have endured the ordeal. Fifteen minutes down and about eight hours remain to go.

Let’s be clear. I love my kids and grandkids. I enjoy their company–at least in the right situations. But having several of them, of different interests, genders, and ages, simply sharing the house with me for a day is not something that I do easily or naturally. Let me take them on a hike or to the museum or camping or something, but don’t make me just hang out in the land of TV’s, tablets, and computers.

It’s not my desire to spend my day overseeing these kids, but then I have to remember that my desires are not the ruling force here. Is it my desire that these four stay cooped up in their mom’s apartment unsupervised all day? It sure isn’t God’s will.

Do I trust God? Do you? We hopefully say that we do, but do we really trust Him? If I trust God, then I’ll trust that putting His will before mine will work out for the best and my actions will prove that trust. Today that act of putting His will first involves keeping a good attitude during the occupation.

  • In what situations do you find it hardest to put God’s will ahead of your own?
  • Do you ever struggle to distinguish God’s will from your own will? How do you manage?
  • Pray, just like Jesus instructed, that God’s will be done in and through your life.