Relative Stranger

John 15:7

Abide in God’s presence and His Word.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the scammers who call senior citizens. Apparently, the conversation goes something like this:


“Lester? Is that you?”

“Yes. I’m in trouble in Nairobi. I need $1,000 to get out of jail.”

“Oh dear! Did you call your father?”

“I can’t get him on the phone and I need it within the hour. Could you wire it to me?”

You can guess how the rest of this goes. Obviously this sort of ruse isn’t always going to work. Maybe Grandma doesn’t have any male grandchildren. Maybe she knows that Lester is actually in his apartment across town. The whole scam depends on grandparents not being well enough aware of their grandchildren’s lives to spot the deception.

Of course, for the con-man, it’s a numbers game. You make perhaps 100 calls a day, reaching maybe ten realistic targets. Of those, you get one who doesn’t see through the game and you’re suddenly $1000 richer.

I have four grandchildren. None of them is old enough to be traveling to Kenya independently (although a couple of them could conceivably run afoul of the law). Regardless, I would like to think that I know them all well enough that I’d recognize a voice not belonging to any of them. Hopefully I’ll always maintain that sort of relationship.

God will not be fooled when we come to Him asking for favors and trying to convince Him that we’re His best buds when in fact we’re rarely in contact. If we want results from God, we need to maintain our relationship carefully.

  • How much time to do you spend abiding with God through prayer and meditation? Is it a sufficient amount?
  • How regularly and meaningfully are you invested in the Word?
  • Pray that God will draw you closer to Him over the coming days.