He Knows the Plans

Jeremiah 29:11

Rest assured that God’s purpose for you is promised.

You know that verse cited above. Even if you don’t recognize the reference, even if you didn’t look it up like you should when reading this sort of thing, you know it. I could start speaking the words, “I know the plans . . .” and you’d have the rest come into your mind. Maybe you wouldn’t know it word for word, but I’m fairly confident that you know this verse.

I’ve had this verse rattling around in my mind a lot recently. I’ve heard two pastors whose teaching I respect share completely different views on it. A couple of friends and I have also discussed it. Our question, and the crux of the difference between those pastors, was whether that verse applied to us or just to the people of Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s day.

On one level, that verse does just apply to those residents of Jerusalem, but do we really believe that God only knew the plans that He had for that crowd? Do we really believe that God had plans for good and for hope for them but that He has instead a bag full of poisonous snakes for us?

God’s purpose for us is promised. He had a plan for Abraham and a plan for Saul. He actually had plans for both Sauls, but one of them ran his plan off a cliff, Thelma and Louise style.

What is my destiny? I don’t know. Does God have one for me? Absolutely and without a doubt.

  • In what ways has God revealed His plan for your life along the way? What questions remain mysterious?
  • To what extent do you trust that God has plans to prosper you, even if He doesn’t fully reveal them right now?
  • Pray that God will grant you the confidence to trust that He has plans for you and they are good ones.