Dressed for Success–Galatians 3:27

¬†For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. –Galatians 3:27

When I was younger, I liked to root through the mud, play in the creek, slide on the grass, and do all those other fool things that little kids are wont to do. Why not? I was young and the world was a giant adventure, a playground for my friends and me.

Muddy kidInvariably, though, my mother would flip out when I ripped the knees out of my best pants, smeared grass stain on my new jeans, or otherwise befouled and besmirched my clothing. “Why don’t you wait until you have on rough clothes for that?” she would ask. I never thought to point out that she never let me out of the house in “rough clothes.”

Today, I manage my own clothes. I try to take care of my better things, and I most always dress appropriately to the situation. But reading this verse from Galatians recently, I was struck by the fact that, as a believer in Jesus, I am constantly clothed with him. These are spiritual clothes that will serve just as readily when cutting a widow’s grass or preaching the gospel. I might look ridiculous wearing my best suit to change the oil in a friend’s car, but the apparel of Christ is not out of place.

My concern, however, is how I look when doing things that I shouldn’t do. Would I get snippy to a store employee while wearing a Christian T-shirt or the logo of my employer? ¬†Probably not, but I am wearing Christ every single day. Every action that I take reflects on Him.

Where I go, what I say, what I do, how I react, what I eat, what I drink, how I treat others–these are all things that reflect on my clothing. May I never bring dishonor on the great designer of my most durable outfit.